Simplifying the process of how friends are meeting

Fast & Easy

With GoOut you can set up a meeting with your friends, check out the ones in which you have been invited and find new interesting places around you!

Keeping in touch with your friends has never been easier, since you only have to go though 3 steps:
1. Invite your friends
2. Choose a time
3. Select a location from our interactive map.

Voila, the meeting has now been created!

Meeting Pulse

You or your friends can’t decide on the location for your meeting?

By using Meeting Pulse, you and your friends can change the venue or time using a voting system.

From now, if any of the people attending a meeting disagree with the meeting's current location, they can comment and propose a new location.

Depending on the most popular choice, the organiser will choose the new meeting’s location!

If you're a place hunter, then our interactive map offers millions of places waiting to be discovered!

Go on and spend some time on the map, you'll be amazed how many places you can discover that you didn't know about. GoOut's map shows all the interesting locations around you, so you can always find new places to explore with your friends.

Browse between restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes, hotels, parks, shopping malls and many more!

Get all the details that you need!

To be sure that your meeting location is the perfect one, each place has specific details to make the selection process easy.

Check photos of the place and see the open hours.

The address, contact number, website and rating of the place are also shown as additional information.

If the meeting location needs to be changed, it can be changed through a special voting system, which is simple and fast to use.

Your opinion is very important to us!

We are constantly working on updating the application. For queries, suggestions and feedback please feel free to reach us at